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Cyrillic Fonts

It is now relatively easy to view sites that employ Cyrillic fonts. Most current browsers automatically detect the character encoding used in a web-page. However, occasionally a browser will not detect the page encoding. In such a situation, simply click on the VIEW tab, then on Character set, and then try selecting one of the Cyrillic character sets -- for instance the Cyrillic Windows-1251 set, which is commonly used. The site may now be readable in Cyrillic, if not try one of the other Cyrillic encodings such as ISO 8859-5 or KOI-8R. Other common encodings for a Cyrillic web-page are any of the various versions of Unicode such as UTF-8 or UTF-16.

If you have problems viewing Cyrillic language sites please choose among the following sites to further Russify your browser:

  Paul Gorodyansky's site -

  "Russify Everything" from Siber Systems -

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Last modified: Feb. 14, 2017